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Getting Started

StoreConnect Certification

The fastest way to learn StoreConnect is to start working through the certification courses and attain your StoreConnect Fundamentals and your StoreConnect Administrator certifications.

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Create Your Store

Store and Multi-Store Installations

Features that expand your number of Stores, including Geolocation redirects and GDPR cookie management

Create a Store

Create Multiple Stores

Store Configuration

Privacy and Security


Store Design

Features to customise the design of your store including CSS, Liquid, Navigation, Media and Content Blocks

Theme Styling

Page Building




Features to define and publish products such as physical products, subscriptions, event bookings and how best to sell them

Types of Products to Sell

Apart from physical products we also offer features to sell:

  • Subscriptions Products
    These are products where there is an associated recurring charge

  • [Store Memberships]help document coming soon
    Buy memberships, Restrict content (pages/articles) by membership, Membership pricing

  • Bundles
    User can build bundles of products to purchase at cart

  • Events Booking System
    The ability to set events and manage them such as training or seminar events

  • Buy Button
    A configurable link offering direct-to-cart or buy-now checkout onto any page


Features that build brand awareness through Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Merchant Feeds and Product Reviews

Search Engine Optimisation



Merchant Feeds

Product Reviews

  • [Google Review feed]help document coming soon
    Parsing of google product reviews to the product page


Features to notify, manage and process your product sales. Including payment gateways and international tax for global sales.


Transactional Emails
A series of customisable emails confirming each step of the transaction and order flow


  • Payment Gateways
    An every-growing list of payment providers that include:

    • PayPal
    • EWAY
    • Stripe
    • Square
    • ZipMoney
    • Bambora (Canada) payment gateways,
    • SecurePay
  • Pay by Subscriptions
    User can buy subscription-based product/services

  • [Pay by Account]help document coming soon
    User can pay on account if they have one

  • [Pay Later Options]help document coming soon
    Create options to pay later like EFT, COD, Cheque etc.

  • [Account Credit Feature]help document coming soon
    Making a purchase using account credit or partial account credit with the balance on some other payment method

  • Accept Payments in Salesforce


  • [International Currencies & Payments]help document coming soon
    Support for international stores using local currencies and payment methods

  • Taxes
    Define taxes that apply to products in specific regions (Zones)

  • [International Tax Feature]help document coming soon
    International purchases have the tax removed

  • Calculate Taxes from Salesforce
    Recalculate taxes on StoreConnect Orders - or calculate on new Orders - from Salesforce

  • Avalara AvaTax
    Use Avalara AvaTax to calculate taxes on StoreConnect Orders

Staff Assisted Orders

Staff Assisted Orders provides the ability to define a staff member as the one who assisted your customer with the sale

Account Deduplication

Account Deduplication of existing Salesforce Lead, Contact and Account records


Stock Control

Features to help you manage your inventory as fixed stock or sell past zero, set stock locations and transfer stock from one location to another.

Stock management


Shipping Your Products

Features to help you ship your products using shipping providers, fixed rates or Click and Collect

Configure Shipping

Customer Support

Unified Searching

StoreConnect’s Unified Search feature allows your customers to search Products, Product Categories, Pages, and Articles all from the one search bar

Live Chat

Add Third Party Live Chat Services to provide focused sales support to your customers


Salesforce Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case integration offer web forms to capture sales enquiries or customer support requests directly into Salesforce

The StoreConnect Apps

Build Stores Using The StoreConnect Config App

Build new stores, configure shipping, site-wide SEO, cookies, custom CSS and more. Configure your stores using the many store-wide settings found within the StoreConnect Config App.

StoreConnect Config

{: .img-border }Screenshot of the StoreConnect Config App

Build Pages Using The Content Management System (CMS) App

StoreConnect utilises the technology of Salesforce objects, records and fields. Build your pages, customise content and manage store-wide media within Salesforce using the StoreConnect CMS App.

StoreConnect CMS

{: .img-border }Screenshot of the StoreConnect CMS App

Manage Stock Using The Stock App

Order management, statuses, stock adjustments, shipping statuses, products and more. The StoreConnect Stock App provides basic functionality to handle all stock related tasks.

StoreConnect Stock

{: .img-border }Screenshot of the StoreConnect Stock App

Manage Bookings with The StoreConnect Bookings App

Manage Bookings, Bookable location, Availabilities, Bookable Events and Attendees

StoreConnect Booking App Menu

{: .img-border }
Screenshot of the StoreConnect Bookings App

Manage Store Operations Using The StoreConnect App

Central to your business operations is the StoreConnect App. Here you can manage your orders, products, your contact accounts, discounts and promotions. Most importantly, you can track your eCommerce performance using our straight-out-of-the-box Performance Dashboard, built entirely on Salesforce so you can customise it to your needs.

Performance Dashboard

{: .img-border }
Screenshot of the StoreConnect Performance Dashboard


Object & Field Reference

Liquid & Themes