Quick Start

The fastest and simplest method of starting with StoreConnect is through the Self Installer.

The Self Installer offers you either a one-on-one consultation setup, or a self-guided approach taking you step-by-step through a basic setup of StoreConnect on your Salesforce Org1.


The StoreConnect Self-Installer


Quick Start Help Guides

Here are some quick links to the most common articles referred to as you move through the self-guided setup of StoreConnect.

Create your store

Setting Up StoreConnect Emails

Page Layouts

A Page Layout is the customised page enabling and providing a StoreConnect user with all the tools they will need to perform standard and customised tasks within Salesforce. For example, creating a new store, adding a new product or creating a new page.

Assigning Page Layouts

In particular:

Page Layouts and Profiles

Recommended image sizes:

Supports: SVG, PNG, JPG image file types.

Store Configuration

To configure, means ‘putting together’ of something. In this case, we are putting together, or setting up of the StoreConnect or Salesforce software.

Products Categories

A product category allows you to group a range of products within it so they are easier for your customers to find. The product menu is also built from your product categories.

How to Enable the Standard Price Book During Setup

Store User

How to Create Your StoreConnect User

Your first product

Product Listing Minimum Requirements

Product Pricing

Adding Products to Categories

Adding Media to Products

Media includes all images, videos and sound files used on your StoreConnect website. This includes product images.

Where to next?

Introduction to StoreConnect’s Content Management System (CMS)

Building your website and managing its content is easy with the StoreConnect built-in Content Management System3.

Learn about the Content Management System

Basic Configuration of the StoreConnect Config app

Dig deeper into the StoreConnect Config4 app. Learn more about specific features such as:

Learn how to do Basic Configuration of the StoreConnect Config app

Documentation Overview

You can find our current articles at the Documentation page.



  1. Salesforce Org: The virtual space provided to an individual customer of Salesforce. It includes all of your data, records, etc and applications. A Salesforce Org, or “Org” for short is an abbreviation of “organisation”. 

  2. Price book: A “price book” is best explained as a catalogue price. A business selling widgets may have different catalogues depending on the client-base. For instance, you could have three catalogues: 1) a wholesale, 2) retail and 3) online. Each of these catalogues, or Price Books, may have different prices for the same product depending on the client-base. Price books are inherent within Salesforce. See Product Pricing for more information. 

  3. CMS: A Content Management System (CMS), is a software platform used to create, edit and publish digital content. It’s purpose is to centralise and simplify the management of your website content. The StoreConnect CMS is a proprietary system built specifically to assist in the creation of StoreConnect websites that integrate directly to Salesforce. It does not manage your products, or product pages. See Content Management System for more information. 

  4. Config:* An abbreviation of “Configuration” or “Configurator” or “Configure”. 


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