Adding Media to Products

StoreConnect supports many types of media1, all served via our world wide CDN2.

For instructions on uploading your product media, see Uploading Media.

Tip: When using Position, increment by 10. That way, if you decide to slip an image in-between two others later on, you will have room to do so without having to re-number all following records.

Bulk Uploading Media

For instructions on bulk uploading your product media, see Uploading Media.

After uploading all of your media, you will need to create the relationship between the media items and their respective products. You can relate a single product to multiple media items. You can also relate a single media item to multiple products. This is done by creating a record for each relationship in the Product_Media__c object.

Field Mapping:

Using Media with Product Variants

When using Product Variants, you have a master product that then has numerous variant products. The master and the variants are all individual products in the Product object. You can either relate your media to the master product, the variant products or both.

Here is an example of how it works in the store:

If the master product doesn’t have any images it will display the images of variants in the order specified by the Position field.

If the variants don’t have images, only the master product images will be seen.

If the master and variants each have images, the master products images show first, followed by the variants.

For each variant that has its own image, that image will display when that variant is selected in the store.



  1. Media Media includes all images, videos and sound files used on your storeConnect website. This includes product images. 

  2. CDN A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cloud-based platform outside of the Salesforce ecosystem that StoreConnect uses to store all your media files. 


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