Uploading Media

StoreConnect uses a cloud-based image and video management platform called, a CDN1 to store all of your StoreConnect images, videos and documents so you don’t have to use up your valuable Salesforce data storage.

Although your media is stored outside of Salesforce, all your images, videos, downloadable documents etc. are managed from within the Media object. Media is accessible from within the StoreConnect CMS app.

Media can be uploaded one at a time through the Salesforce user interface or bulk uploaded via a data loader such as dataloader.io.

When uploading new media, you will be required to provide:

You may optionally choose to provide:

Tip: Come up with a standard naming convention for all of your media so they are easy to find and relate to other records. Media items are not only used with products and can be used in other parts of StoreConnect, like web pages, so make sure your naming convention allows for that. eg. {product code} - {short description} or Homepage - Top Banner.

Uploading Media via the User Interface

Tip: When using Position, increment by 10. That way, if you decide to slip a document in-between two others later on, you will have room to do so without having to re-number all following records.

Note: StoreConnect uses a Lightning Web Component to perform the media upload and Salesforce currently only supports running this from the Media object. If trying to add new media from a lookup field on a related object, you cannot use the upload feature, but you can add new media this way if your file is a publicly accessible URL by putting the URL in the Import URL field. It will then be downloaded to StoreConnect within a few minutes. Adding your media before creating your related records is the best way around this.

Image Sizes

Product images are rendered with the following dimensions depending on their aspect ratio:

If images smaller in width and height are used, they will be upsized and there will be some loss of quality.

Product images should be a minimum of 640px width or height, but it is recommended that they are between 1024px and 2048px or above.

To maintain a consistent look across all of your products, it is also recommended to use the same aspect ratio for all product images. i.e. 1:1 or 1:1.5, etc.

Banner images should have a minimum width of 1920px. The heigth will dictate how thin or thick the banner looks on the screen.

File Size Limits

The below is a guide for file size limits when uploading files to StoreConnect. It is sometimes possible to increase these limits and extra costs may apply. If you are needing to dicuss your file size limits, please contact support@storeconnect.app.

File Type Small & Medium Plans Large Plans
Images 10MB 20MB
Videos 100MB 500MB
Other Files 10MB 20MB

Bulk Uploading Media

When bulk uploading, all of your media items will need to already be stored in the cloud with publicly accessible URLs. Create a record for each file in the Media__c object.

Field Mapping:

Updating Existing Media Records

If you need to update an image or media file for a product or a content block etc. and you have the new image as a publicly accessible URL, you don’t need to delete all the existing relationships to the old media record and then re-link everything to the new media record, instead use the same media record, just update the file it refers to.

To do this:

The new file will be downloaded into StoreConnect automatically. It can take up to 10 minutes for the job to run in the background and potentially another minute for the changes to show up on your site.



  1. CDN A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cloud-based platform outside of the Salesforce ecosystem that StoreConnect uses to store all your media files. 


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