Content Management System

Building your website and managing its content is easy with the StoreConnect built-in Content Management System.

A CMS, or Content Management System, is a software platform used to create, edit and publish digital content. It’s purpose is to centralise and simplify the management of your website content.

StoreConnect’s CMS allows you to create StoreConnect websites from within Salesforce.

The StoreConnect CMS Components

There are four primary parts to the CMS.

You can also check these out for help with managing Product Categories and Product Pages.


Media includes all images, videos and sound files used on your StoreConnect website. This includes product images.

StoreConnect stores your media on a cloud-based platform outside of the Salesforce ecosystem. This is called a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Using our CDN, all of your media is made available to you as global resources usable anywhere on your site where you can add custom content.

For more help on Media, see:


You can create web pages like a homepage, About Us, Contact Us, or anything you need. You can create as many pages and sub-pages as you need.

Find more help on the Pages page.

Content Blocks

Content Blocks are sections of content that can be placed anywhere you can add custom content on your website.

There are two types of Content Blocks:


Content Block Containers define the layout of a content section and can display many Content Block Templates within them.

Find out more about Content Block Containers.


Content Block Templates define the style of the content, how it will look and feel.

Content such as Text, images and Slideshows are created using Content Block Templates.

Some common uses for Content Blocks:

Find out more about Content Block Templates.


Articles can be used for blog posts or press releases etc. These are best described as pages that live within a category.

Article Categories are used to categorise your Articles, such as by year, month or subject. An Article can belong to one or more categories.

Find out more about Articles and Article Categorise.

What is MARKDOWN and what does it do

Markdown is a special language that closely resembles typing a word document.

It is used to write while defining the format or style of web content without the need for HTML coding.

For example, to write the H1 title of a page using Markdown, you would write # This Is My Title where the # indicates H1 whereas ## would have inserted a H2 title.

Find out more on how to use Markdown.


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