Product Categories

A product category allows you to group a range of products within it so they are easier for your customers to find. The default header menu is also built using your product categories and the hierarchy you set them up with. If you create your own menu, you will need to add categories to it for them to appear in the header.

All of your product categories live within a Taxonomy. Your store will have one Taxonomy that it uses and the Product Categories within that Taxonomy will determine the grouping of products for your store. If you have more than one store, each store will have its own Taxonomy. If you want to build a new Taxonomy for your store, you can build it without it affecting your store. When you want it to go live, you just position the new Taxonomy in front of the old one.

Example of a Basic Hierarchy for Product Categories

Product Categories

Creating the Taxonomy

A taxonomy record for your first store is created automatically when you run the install wizard from the StoreConnect Setup tab. To create new Taxonomies, do the following:

Creating a Product Category

More On Position: The records with a position are shown in order first. Records without a position will then be shown in alphabetical order based on the record name.

Creating the Product Category Hierarchy

After you have created all the categories to make up your master categories and the rest of the product category tree, you can arrange your category hierarchy.

Continue to add children categories as needed to build your product category hierarchy.

Adding Products to a Category

For instructions on how to add your products to a category, see Adding Products to a Category


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