How to Use Markdown

Many objects within StoreConnect allow you to use Markdown in certain description or content fields. For example the Summary field on the Product2 table or the Body field of a Page.

It is a simple way of formatting text on the page. For example, instead of having to type somthing like:


<p>This is some text with a list of 3 items:</p>
<p>Read more at <a href="/help">my help site</a></p>

You can just write:

# Title

This is some text with a list of 3 items:

* One
* Two
* Three

Read more at [my help site](/help)

Which is much easier on the eyes and far less error prone!

These fields are using Markdown and we highly recommend you take a look at the Getting Started with Markdown help article.

Converting Word Documents to Markdown

If you like, you can type your documents in word and use this free online Word to Markdown converter. Upload your Word document and it will convert it into Markdown which you can then cut and paste into StoreConnect.


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