Articles and Article Categories

What is an Article?

Articles can be used for blog posts or press releases, etc. These are best described as pages that live within a category.

What is an Article Category?

An Article Category is used to help categorize your Articles, such as by year, month or subject. An Article can belong to one or more categories.

All of your Articles can be grouped and sorted into Article Categories. You can build an Article Category hierarchy with parent and child categories to structure your articles the way you need. You can place a link on your site to the full Articles archive using the /articles path or place a link to the path of a specific Article Category.

You can display featured articles on a page using the Featured Articles Content Block Template.

Fields Usage Input
Article Name The name used to identify the article Plain Text
Store The store the article belongs to Stores Lookup
Identifier Unique HTML ID for the article Plain Text (auto entered but can be changed if needed)
Author The name of the person or group who authored the article Plain Text
Path The path or slug for the article Plain Text (do not include / at the front)
Article Hero Image The image to display with the article Media Lookup
Title H1 heading for the article Plain Text
Subtitle Medium sized subtitle for the article Plain Text
Summary Short summary of article displayed at the top or article and also on the archive page Plain Text, Markdown, HTML
Introductory Text Introduction to article Plain Text, Markdown, HTML
Content Body The main article content Plain Text, Markdown, HTML
Published Is the article ready to be published on the site? Checkbox
Published On Date Articles are sorted by date and time Date & Time
Meta Title Meta Title for SEO Plain Text
Meta Keywords Meta Keywords for SEO Plain Text (comma separated)
Meta Description Meta Description for SEO Plain Text

Adding Content to Your Articles

Articles are often only text with a Hero Image. If you do need to add other media or pull in existing content blocks, this can be done using Liquid Code by placing the code snippet where you want to pull in the content. Liquid code works in all fields that allow Markdown and HTML.

Once you are happy with your article and are ready for it to display on your site, set the Published checkbox to TRUE and enter a date into the Published On Date field. If you enter a date in the future, the article won’t be published until that date.

Adding Articles to Article Categories


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