Assigning Page Layouts

This article is intended for advanced users and our partners as it requires advanced web development or Salesforce admin or programming knowledge. While the functionality is part of StoreConnect, we do not provide end user assistance to implement it beyond our help documentation. If you need help or are unsure on how to do this, you can hire one of our StoreConnect partners.

The advantage of the StoreConnect / Salesforce dependancy is utilising the power & customisability of Salesforce.

When you first create your store, you will need to adapt your Salesforce Org1 to the latest Page Layout2 to make the most of it’s built-in features.

A summary of the StoreConnect Page Layouts is tabled below.


Table Summary of Page Layouts


To benefit from StoreConnect’s extensive list of features, change all the Page Layouts summarised below.

The following preconfigured custom Page Layouts are installed with your StoreConnect installation. Each Page Layout is identified with its related Object3.

Tip: Watch this video on reassigning the Product Page Layout as an example.

Object Name Object Type Page Layout Name
Account Standard StoreConnect Account Layout
Article Category Custom StoreConnect Article Category Layout
Article Custom StoreConnect Article Layout
Collection Point Custom Collection Point Layout
Contact Standard StoreConnect Contact Layout
Content Block Custom StoreConnect Content Block Layout
Content Blocks Articles Custom StoreConnect Content Blocks Articles Layout
Content Blocks Children Custom StoreConnect Content Blocks Children Layout
Content Blocks Pages Custom StoreConnect Content Blocks Pages Layout
Content Blocks Product Categories Custom StoreConnect Content Blocks Product Categories Layout
Content Blocks Products Custom StoreConnect Content Blocks Products Layout
Country Custom StoreConnect Country Layout
Data Feed Field Custom Data Feed Field Layout
Data Feed Custom Data Feed Layout
Discount Credit Custom Discount Credit Layout
Discount Custom StoreConnect Discount Layout
Media Custom StoreConnect Media Layout
Membership Article Custom StoreConnect Membership Article Layout
Membership Page Custom StoreConnect Membership Page Layout
Membership Custom StoreConnect Membership Layout
Menu Item Custom StoreConnect Menu Item Layout
Menu Custom StoreConnect Menu Layout
Opening Time Custom Opening Time Layout
Order Standard StoreConnect Order Layout
OrderItem Standard StoreConnect Order Product Layout
Order Items Taxes Custom StoreConnect Order Item Tax Layout
Page Custom StoreConnect Page Layout
Payment Provider Custom StoreConnect Payment Provider Layout
Payment Custom StoreConnect Payment Layout
Postcode Custom StoreConnect Postcode Layout
Pricebook2 Standard StoreConnect Pricebook Layout
PricebookEntry Standard StoreConnect Price Book Entry Layout
Product2 Standard StoreConnect Product Layout
Product Category Hierarchy Custom StoreConnect Product Category Hierarchy Layout 7-1
Product Category Custom StoreConnect Product Category Layout
Product Media Custom StoreConnect Product Media Layout
Product Purchasable Media Custom Product Purchasable Media Layout
Product Supplier Custom StoreConnect Product Supplier Layout
Product Tax Custom Product Tax Layout
Product Trait Template Item Custom StoreConnect Product Trait Template Item Layout
Product Trait Template Custom StoreConnect Product Trait Template Layout
Product Variant Custom StoreConnect Product Variant Layout
Products Product Categories Custom StoreConnect Products Product Categories Junction Layout
Promotion Action Custom StoreConnect Promotion Action Layout
Promotion Credit Custom StoreConnect Promotion Credit Layout
Promotion Scope Custom StoreConnect Promotion Scope Layout
Promotion Custom StoreConnect Promotion Layout
Related Article Custom StoreConnect Related Article Layout
Related Page Custom StoreConnect Related Page Layout
Related Product Category Custom StoreConnect Related Product Category Layout
Related Product Custom StoreConnect Related Product Layout
Route Mapping Custom StoreConnect Route Mapping Layout
Shipment Custom StoreConnect Shipment Layout
Shipping Provider Custom StoreConnect Shipping Provider Layout
Shipping Rate Custom StoreConnect Shipping Rate Layout
State Custom StoreConnect State Layout
Stock Adjustment Custom Stock Adjustment Layout
Stock Level Custom StoreConnect Stock Level Layout
Stock Location Custom StoreConnect Stock Location Layout 7-1
Stock Transfer Item Custom Stock Transfer Item Layout
Stock Transfer Custom Stock Transfer Layout
Store Campaign Custom StoreConnect Store Campaign Layout
Store Custom StoreConnect Store Layout
Subscription Custom Subscription Layout
Tax Custom Tax Layout
Taxonomy Custom StoreConnect Taxonomy Layout
Trait Category Custom StoreConnect Trait Category Layout
Trait Type Custom StoreConnect Trait Type Layout
Trait Value Custom StoreConnect Trait Value Layout
Trait Custom StoreConnect Trait Layout
Transactional Email Custom StoreConnect Transactional Email Layout
Zone Country Custom Zone Country Layout
Zone Postcode Custom Zone Postcode Layout
Zone State Custom Zone State Layout
Zone Custom Zone Layout
StoreConnect Setting mdt Standard StoreConnect Setting Layout

Video guide

As an example of changing Page Layouts, this video will guide you through changing the Product Page Layout.



  1. Salesforce Org: The virtual space provided to an individual customer of Salesforce. It includes all of your data, records, etc and applications. A Salesforce Org, or “Org” for short is an abbreviation of “organisation”. 

  2. Page Layout: A Page Layout is the customised page enabling and providing a StoreConnect user with all the tools they will need to perform standard and customised tasks within Salesforce. For example, creating a new store, adding a new product or creating a new page. 

  3. Object: In Salesforce, an object is another name for a database table. A database table is essentially a spreadsheet where fields exist as columns and records as rows. Complete the “Understand Custom & Standard Objects” Trailhead to understand more about Objects. 


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