Basic Configuration

The focus of this guide is around the StoreConnect Config application (see image below).

StoreConnect Config

Basic Configuration1 is the process of adapting StoreConnect & Salesforce to your needs. Here you will change page layouts, add your own domain name2, set shipping, accounts, header/footer texts, assign the home page and more.

Whilst some features may not immediately be required, as your business continues to grow and develop into new sales channels so you will benefit from the enormous flexibility StoreConnect offers.

Current default configuration features include:



  1. Setup your domain
  2. Change Config Page Layout
  3. Store information
  4. Shipping
  5. Pricing
  6. Branding
  7. Email Settings
  8. SEO and Site Data
  9. Content Management (CMS)
  10. Store Disable System
  11. Product Tabs

Not every field is required to configure your store. We’ve marked those “Required”, “Recommended” & “Optional” to help you navigate level of importance versus your needs.

Basic Configuration of the StoreConnect Config App
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  1. Configuration To configure, means ‘putting together’ of something. In this case, we are putting together, or setting up of the StoreConnect or Salesforce software. 

  2. Domain name: The website name owned by a person, or company. For instance, is a domain name owned by StoreConnect. The word, “domain” means “property” or “territory”. 


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