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Upload your logo. +New Media if no logo has previously been uploaded.

Recommended image sizes:

Supports: SVG, PNG, JPG image file types.

See Logo above.

Product Placeholder Image optional

A Placeholder is something used in-place, or in-representation of something else.

A placeholder image is a default image which inserts itself in-place of the correct image.

Recommended image sizes:

See Aspect Ratios for more guidance on image sizing and recommended best practices on handling images.

Social media previews or sharing posts use the product placeholder image as your preview image. When you share the URL of your product, your social media platform will try to render the first image of your product. If the social media platform doesn’t find any product image, it will use your placeholder image.

If you are using this product placeholder image, these are the recommended sizes:

Resize or crop your image on landscape mode: 1200 x 630 pixels

Category Placeholder Image optional

See Product Placeholder Image above.

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