SEO and Site Data

Search Engine Optimisation1 (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engines.

No one knows the proprietary systems search engines such as Google use to rank websites. However, it is a commonly known fact that they do make use of “META” data (information).

META simply means “self-referring” or “how something or someone would refer to themselves”

In this case, a website would use META data in order to define how it refers itself, so when search engines find the website they know how to classify it.


What Meta Data is Inserted

What your customer is looking at on the store will determine which set of meta data is inserted into the page currently being viewed.

A full description of each type is detailed in our Dynamic Page Information Fields help article.

SEO and Site Data Details for the Store

SEO and Site Data

This is the name of your store (website) as you would want a browser to display it. It is used by search engines when searching the internet.

Enter any keywords2 that will help search engines find your store.

Enter a description of your site that search engines will display when showing your site on the search results.

Basic Configuration of the StoreConnect Config App
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  1. SEO: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is where a website is improved to engage with organic traffic from search engines rather than paid traffic. 

  2. Keywords: Are special words that search engines use to help classify your website. 


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