Disable a store or take a store offline for maintenance

StoreConnect provides a quick way to disable a store or take a store offline for maintenance.

Here you can add a Content Block1 with a message to visitors when they visit your store whilst it is offline.

Store Disable System Details

Store Disable System

Disable the Store optional

Selecting this option will disable your store.

Disabled Content Block optional

Define which of our Content Blocks will be displayed while your store is in offline/disabled mode.

When you are creating the Content Block, we suggest you use the “Text” Content Template with a “Title” and “Content” defined as follows.

This will show a simple pre-styled maintenance page that looks like the following:



  1. Content Block: Content Blocks are used to place content on your Pages and Articles. There are two types of Content Blocks 1) A Container Content Block, and 2) A Template Content Block. 


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