Setting up a Custom Domain Name

When your StoreConnect® site is first setup it will have a domain name that will look something like which is most likely NOT something you want to start sending customers to.

In order to use your own domain name (like there are several steps needed.

First off, you need to contact us at and tell us the domain name you want to use (such as Once you have told us this, we will respond back with a host name you need to point your domain name to. This will look something like:

Once you have this record, you will need to do two things:

1) Update the domain name field on your Store record within Salesforce to be the new domain name of your store, do not include https or anything else at the front or any trailing slash at the end. Also, do not include “www” as this will be automatically detected, so in this case you would set it to

Change store Domain Name setting

2) Log into your DNS host and create a CNAME record for to point to the record given to you by support. It will look something like this:

Add CNAME record

Setting up your apex domain name

Many customers also want to use their apex domain name (also called a zone apex or naked domain. It’s basically the domain name without the www. in the front. To set this up is a little more complex. To do this you need a DNS hosting provider that supports ALIAS, or ANAME records such as our friends at DNSimple do.

To set this up, you need a second record from support, so let them know you want to setup as well as Support will give you two records to redirect, and you setup the apex ALIAS record as you did the CNAME record. Which will look something like this:

Add ALIAS record

If you do add an alias record, then your store will work on both the www and the apex record, so in the above case, both and will then work as expected.

If you need any help with the above, please don’t hesitate to contact

Setting the Time To Live

Domain names take time to update once they have changed. This time is dictated by the Time To Live on the DNS record, you can see on the above two images that the TTL (Refresh Rate) is set to one hour. When you are switching over of your site into another site, it’s a good idea to set this to as low as possible so that any problems can be resolved rapidly.

It’s our recommendation that a few days before you go live, set your domain name TTL down to 5 minutes. Once everything has settled down it’s a good idea to then set this back up to a higher value.


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