Store Information

Store Information is where you define your store name, its domain, the base theme of your store, geographical zone, and path. It’s the framework of the setting up the store within Salesforce.


Store Information Details

Store Information

Store Name required

The name of your store. If you completed Create your new store this should be pre-filled.

Code required

If you completed Create your new store this should be pre-filled.

Base Theme for the Store optional

There are 3 options : no theme, clean, or bold theme. You can change your theme later, or leave it as the default, “no theme”.

Store Domain Name required

The domain name you have registered for your store. See Setup your domain for more information.

Path optional

Some websites have a /au or /eu after the domain name e.g. and would direct visitors to the au version of their site. Generally, you would leave this blank. However, if you had a path1 to assign, you would simply enter au or eu, etc into this field. You would not enter

Zone optional

The geographical zone where tax and shipping borders are defined. This can be setup later in the Advanced Configuration, or when you are ready to go live.

Default Store optional

Indicate whether this is your default store or not. Required when more than one store has been created.

Basic Configuration of the StoreConnect Config App
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  1. Path: The location of a web page or file. A Path is similar to a URL. 


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