Salesforce Basics for StoreConnect Users

Because the StoreConnect® system is built on the Salesforce® platform, its users are going to need to know their way around Salesforce to be successful in using it. Much of our documentation is written with the understanding that you can already perform basic Salesforce functions and be able to navigate your way around.

Salesforce have a very useful learning app called Trailhead. It is basically a place to go to learn about Salesforce features and how to use them. As there is so much content in Trailhead and only a small amount of it is relevant to what you need to know to use the StoreConnect system, we have put together this list of resources that we think will help you to grasp the needed skills to be successful in configuring and making the most of your StoreConnect store.

Salesforce Trailhead

Get Started with Trailhead

The best place to start is learning how to use Trailhead itself. This short module will get you started on your learning journey.

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM for Lightning Experience

Salesforce has two interfaces, Salesforce Classic and the newer, Lightning Experience. StoreConnect is built to work with Lightning Experience.

Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience

StoreConnect creates a Contact and an Account record for each customer that shops on your online store.

Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience

Although StoreConnect doesn’t directly use Leads and Opportunities, you may want to harness their power in helping to convert leads into sales.

Create and Customize List Views

See the data you want to see by building your own custom lists.

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

Once you are all setup and your StoreConnect site, you will want to see how it is performing. StoreConnect comes with some basic reports, feel free to clone and customise them.

System Administration

User Management

Each team member who will be using Salesforce and StoreConnect will need to be added as a user in order to login to Salesforce.

Assigning Page Layouts, Profiles and Permission Sets

Some of your users may find that they don’t have the access needed to perform some actions within StoreConnect. Assigning the correct page layout, profile and permission sets to a user will allow them to get on with their work.

Customize Record Details with Page Layouts

Customise your page layouts to show only the data you need and in the way you want to see it.

Manage Your Picklist Values

StoreConnect comes with a number of picklists with pre-defined vales. You may need to add or edit values at times to suit your business needs.

Import and Export with Data Management Tools

Manage your products and other Salesforce records more efficiently with bulk importing, exporting and updating.


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