Support Service Response Times

The team at StoreConnect work hard to make sure your Store is always available and able to complete transactions.

But like all complex software, sometimes there are issues. With our shared success pricing model, we are just as motivated as our clients to resolve issues as quickly as possible because our client’s lost revenue is also our loss.

We will work with you to resolve issues according to the following priorities.

Critical Priority

Critical cases are our highest priority and we work on these exclusively in preference to all other tickets.

We aim to resolve or mitigate critical cases within 1 business day of them being reported by our clients on our Flagship plan or higher with other plans being 2 business days for Emporium and 3 business days for the Pop-Up & Boutique plans.

High Priority - 1 week

High priority cases are those that are significantly impacting the customer’s business, but do not fall into the critical priority. For example:

We aim to resolve or mitigate high priority cases within 1 week of them being reported for Flagship and Emporium plans and 2 weeks for our Boutique and Pop-Up plan customers.

Medium Priority

Medium priority cases are those that are not high or critical priority. For example:

We do not have an explicit service level target for medium priority cases.

Low Priority / Feature Requests

Low priority tickets are those that you want to let us know about, but are low priority and you would like them improved or fixed at some point. These also include any feature requests you might have for the platform.

Low Priority tickets do not have an explicit service level. You can however request we prioritise them through our Accelerated Development process where we co-develop the solution with you, please contact us if you would like to know more.


StoreConnect implement various monitoring solutions for your store once it is live. This includes store availability and issues that can arise with synchronising data between Salesforce and your store. These monitoring solutions are for our team to debug and handle issues that arise and like all automated internet based monitoring solutions are never 100% accurate. Due to this, we highly recommend that if you do see a situation on your store, make sure you raise a case via your support portal so you can be sure we know about it and can get it addressed.


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