Updates and Release Process

StoreConnect provides a twice annual major release cadence for all our clients in Autumn and Spring, several months after the respective Salesforce Summer and Winter major releases.

For clarity, the seasons refer to the Northern Hemisphere, so Spring refers to the quarter starting March and Autum is the quarter starting September.

Major Release Process

Once the Autumn and Spring packages are built, all of our clients will be upgraded within the following 3 month window. Clients who have a current sandbox StoreConnect license and who are an enterprise account can request to have the release performed into their sandbox first and opt to have up to a 4 week delay to go into production for any testing.

Once any testing is complete, upgrades will be done in each org automatically and notifications sent once this is complete.

New StoreConnect Installations

Whenever a new Salesforce Org has StoreConnect installed, it will be installing the latest version available, which will often be newer than the latest Autumn or Spring release.

Out of Cycle Release Process

Should the client wish an upgrade to a new feature outside of the Autumn or Spring release cycle, this can be arranged, please contact sales to get more information.

Security Releases

Any security issue identified will be deployed as soon as possible across all customers without waiting for the next major release window.




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