Introduction to Products

Products come in many forms. There are physical products, digital products, wholesale products, subscriptions and bundled products.

All are supported in StoreConnect.


For more advanced users a list of relevant help documents are listed below:

Minimum Requirements to list and sell a product
The minimum requirements to set within Salesforce so the Website can successfully publish your product/s.

Product Variants
StoreConnect uses a master product and variant products model, where a master product will be the one that shows up in search, and the variant products are the ones that are added to a cart.

Product Pricing
StoreConnect uses Salesforce’s standard Price Book1 and Price Book Entry objects to manage your pricing. Each store will use the Price book assigned to it but you can also assign Price Books to specific accounts so they get special pricing when logged into your store.

Product Categories

Product Categories
A product category allows you to group a range of products within it so they are easier for your customers to find. The product menu is also built from your product categories and the hierarchy you set them up with.

Adding Products to Categories
A product must live in one or more categories to be visible in your store. The only exception to this is for Variant Products as they gain their visibility through their Master Product. When a product is added to a category, it will automatically be visible in all parent categories above it, including the master category.


Uploading Media
Media can be uploaded one at a time through the Salesforce user interface or bulk uploaded via a data loader such as

Adding Media to Products
Using container blocks alongside our image CDN2


Product Tabs
On each product page StoreConnect allows you, by default, to display additional product information/specifications for website visitors. This information is displayed as tabs on the product page.

Subscription Products
StoreConnect supports subscription products where payment will be charged on a recurring basis. This can be done both with and without Salesforce CPQ being installed. In this document any CPQ-specific differences will be mentioned.

Product Bundles With Salesforce CPQ
StoreConnect supports Salesforce CPQ for the purposes of bundling and selling products together.



  1. Price book: A “price book” is best explained as a catalogue price. A business selling widgets may have different catalogues depending on the client-base. For instance, you could have three catalogues: 1) a wholesale, 2) retail and 3) online. Each of these catalogues, or Price Books, may have different prices for the same product depending on the client-base. Price books are inherent within Salesforce. See Product Pricing for more information. 

  2. CDN A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cloud-based platform outside of the Salesforce ecosystem that StoreConnect uses to store all your media files. 


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