Subscription Products

StoreConnect supports subscription products where payment will be charged on a recurring basis. This can be done both with and without Salesforce CPQ being installed. In this document any CPQ-specific differences will be mentioned.

Configuring Subscription Products

Products have four fields related to subscriptions:

Subscription Pricing

This is the pricing mode used, currently only Fixed Price is supported.

Subscription Type

This is the type of subscription term being used, currently only Evergreen is supported.

Subscription Term and Subscription Term Unit

These sets how often payment is taken for the Subscription. For example, a monthly subscription would be:

Subscription Term: 1
Subscription Term Unit: month

An annual subscription would be:

Subscription Term: 12
Subscription Term Unit: month

Default Values

There is a Default Subscription Term Unit in the StoreConnect custom metadata, if a Product’s Subscription Term Unit is empty it will automatically be set to this value. Note: if using CPQ, this metadata setting should match the CPQ Subscription Term setting

The default Subscription Term is 12.

Subcription Object

Once the user purchases a Subscription Product, the system will create a new Subscription Object to manage the ongoing subscription.


Subscription has three fields related to prices:


Subscription has several fields related to the payment period, these are copied from the Product by the system when the user purchased the subscription:

Ending Subscription

Currently only evergreen subscriptions are supported, meaning by default the subscription will continually renew and never expire. If a fixed term is required, the End Date of the subscription can be set manually. Alternatively, the Cancelled Date can be set to prevent any further payments.

Delinquent Payments

If a subscription payment fails the Delinquent Date will be set to the date of the failure, and the Delinquent Reason will be set with any message returned by the payment provider (e.g. “Card Expired”).

StoreConnect will automatically retry the payment 6 times with increasing wait times: (e.g. +1 day from first due, +2 days from due, +3 days from due, +5 days from due, +8 days from due). If the final attempt fails, the Cancelled Date will be set and no further payments will be attempted.


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