Deposits are a way to let your customers pay only part of the purchase price of an item up-front. There are many reasons you might want to do this, but as always, it depends on what suits your business.

Configuring Deposits


You can configure which Products require a deposit by checking the checkbox for Product2.Require_Deposit__c. This will ensure the amount charged at checkout will be a depoist only.

Deposit Amount

There are two ways to configure what amount is charged for the deposit: a global amount used for all products, or a custom per-product amount.

Global Amount

To configure a global deposit price across your store, you can use the Store__c.Deposit_Amount__c field to set the deposit amount that will be charged at checkout for all products that require a deposit as long as they don’t have their own custom amount set.

Per-Product Amount

To configure a product with its own deposit amount, set a value in the Product’s PricebookEntry.Deposit_Amount__c field. This will override any global deposit amount.

Note If the deposit amount exceeds the Product’s price, the deposit will not be charged, just the product’s price.


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