Featured Products

Featured Products are typically positioned on the Home Page as a selection of special, or discounted products that you would like your customers to see.

However, you can add Featured Products to any Content Page.

Featured Products

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The simplest method to create Featured Products is to first create a Featured Product content block1.

The Featured Product content block will act as a container for the products you wish to feature.

Featured Products content block

Above image: Featured Products Content Block

Once this content block has been created you add all the products to feature.

Featured Products adding products

Above image: Featured Products content block with added products

Ensure you have selected the Featured Product on the Usage Type and set a position to set a specific order of the products.

Featured Products add a product

Above image: Adding your product to the Featured Product content block

You can now insert your Feature Products content block into your desired page.

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  1. Content Block: Content Blocks are used to place content on your Pages and Articles. There are two types of Content Blocks 1) A Container Content Block, and 2) A Template Content Block. 


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