AB Split Testing of Web Pages

Digital marketing has many tools with which to define and produce the best possible user experience.

One of these tools is called, “A/B testing” also known as “split testing”.

Assuming your audience was consistent, A/B testing offers two alternative page designs. So, half of your audience would see page design “A” and the other half would see page design “B”. The desired goals (purpose) of each would be measured and the page with the most goals attained is the design considered more fit for purpose.

StoreConnect and A/B Testing

Whilst StoreConnect does not natively support A/B testing of your web pages there are many tools in the market that can work with StoreConnect to offer specialised results.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize, is a specialised A/B testing tool that integrates directly into Google Analytics.

Google Optimize features include:
note: features quoted direct from source URL

Visit the Google Optimize website for a list of all available features and find out if this product suits your needs.

Other Platforms

Some A/B Test platforms require the insertion of code blocks into your StoreConnect web page/s which is possible.

Find out more about Adding Third Party Integrations, Widgets and Code Blocks into your StoreConnect web pages.




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