Setting up Shipping Providers

This article is intended for advanced users and our partners as it requires advanced web development or Salesforce admin or programming knowledge. While the functionality is part of StoreConnect, we do not provide end user assistance to implement it beyond our help documentation. If you need help or are unsure on how to do this, you can hire one of our StoreConnect partners.

StoreConnect supports integrating directly with some shipping providers to make your shipping process more efficient. With a shipping provider configured, the rates provided to your customers are dynamically fetched from the provider, meaning that you do not need to set up Shipping Rates or use Zones for shipping.

Currently, StoreConnect integrates only with Australia Post and StarTrack, although the platform is extendable to support others. Once Shipping Providers are configured, at checkout your customers will be offered shipping based on their shipping address and the weight of the order.

Once the store operator marks a shipment as “ready to ship” in their Salesforce interface, StoreConnect will automatically register the shipment with the provider and retrieve the tracking code.

Australia Post

Once you’ve set up an Australia Post Developer Account, and followed the instructions for Setting up a production key you’ll need the following credentials to create a Shipping Provider for Australia Post:

Lastly, you will want to add the shipping method to your Product object, in order to allow products to be checked out with the Australia Post shipping method. Edit the Shipping_Methods__c Multiselect Picklist field and add an option with the value australia_post as the API name.


To configure a StarTrack Shipping Provider is the same process as Australia Post, but will use an 8-digit account number and the shipping method API name for products is star_track.


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