Stock Locations

Stock location records represent physical locations that house the products you are selling like warehouses or shops etc. Stock Locations are required when tracking inventory or if you provide a Click and Collect service.

To create a Stock Location:

Field Description
Stock Location Name A descriptive name to identify the location
Active Is the Stock Location currently able to supply stock
Display Name This is the name of the location the customer will see at checkout for Click and Collect. If blank, the Stock Location Name is used
Address Fields These allow you to tell you customers where they can collect click and collect orders from
Country This is a lookup to a country record and tells StoreConnect what region you are shipping from
Online Fulfillment Options Determines whether the stock location offers shipping, Click and Collect, or both. See Online Fulfillment Options below for more details
Require Stock for Click & Collect Tick this box when stock levels dictate how Click and Collect is to be offered. See Click and Collect Behaviour below for more details
Days to Restock How many days does it take to get more stock. Used in conjunction with Require Stock for Click & Collect
Create Stock Levels for New Products Will automatically create stock levels at this location for all new products added and any products edited where there currently is no stock level for
Priority Location to Ship From Default The default value for new stock levels. Only One Stock Location can have this set to TRUE - Will this stock be shipped from this location over other locations where possible
Backorderable Default The default value for new stock levels - Can this stock level still be purchased from when at or below zero
Hide From Search Default The default value for new stock levels - Does this stock location hide this stock level from the online stores search

Online Fulfillment Options

Stock locations can choose whether it is used for shipping, Click and Collect, both or none.

Available options:

As long as Online Fulfilment Options is not set to Do not fulfill online orders, any new stock level records will automatically be configured as Fulfill Online Orders = TRUE.

Click and Collect Behaviour

If Require Stock for Click & Collect is FALSE, Click and collect will always be offered at that stock location regardless of stock levels.

When Require Stock for Click & Collect is set to TRUE the behaviour varies depending on stock levels and if a value has been set for Days to Restock. If a product has Track Inventory set to FALSE it is assumed that all stock locations always have stock of that product.

Days to Restock All Items Are In Stock Behaviour
blank TRUE Click and Collect Available
blank FALSE Click and Collect Not Available
X days TRUE Click and Collect Available
X days FALSE Click and Collect Available and shows date when order should be ready to pick up

Collection Points

When a Stock Location offers Click and Collect, it can have multiple Collection Points at the one location, usually because the location is large, like a sports stadium. If there is more than one collection point, the client can choose which one they would like to collect from. Collection Points are optional but allow you to give the customer specific instructions or information for each collection point as well as a lead time to allow you enough time to get the stock to that collection point before they come to collect it.

To create a Collection Point:

Field Description
Stock Location The stock location this collection point belongs to
Collection Point Name A descriptive name for this collection point
Display Name This is the name of the collection point the customer will see at checkout. If blank, the Collection Point Name is used
Active Is this collection point available for customers to choose
Description Here you can give your customers details about the collection point like opening times or instructions on how to find it - Accepts plain text, HTML and Markdown
Phone Allows customers to phone the collection point if needed
Lead Time Duration An integer to specify how long till the customer can go and collect their order
Lead Time Unit Works with Lead Time Duration to specify whether it is in minutes, hours or days

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