Sending SMS Messages to Customers

This article is intended for advanced users and our partners as it requires advanced web development or Salesforce admin or programming knowledge. While the functionality is part of StoreConnect, we do not provide end user assistance to implement it beyond our help documentation. If you need help or are unsure on how to do this, you can hire one of our StoreConnect partners.

Receiving confirmation and updates on a mobile phone may be a feature you want to add to your customer’s shopping experience. Perhaps reminding your customers about a session they have booked and giving them the option to confirm via a simple text reply from their phone would be useful to you?

Our friends at Pendula have built an amazing product that allows you to send customised text messages to your customers and any other contacts you have in Salesforce, from Salesforce. It works great with StoreConnect and allows you to communicate to your customers directly and enhance their experience when shopping at your online store. You can even receive their replies and then trigger automations to run in Salesforce or alter their journey based on those replies.

Here are some ideas on how you could create a great customer experience using Pendula:

With Pendula, you can also automate emails, extending StoreConnect’s transactional email capability even further.

Checkout Pendula’s help site for instructions on use.


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