Risk Management and Analysis

Minimum Level of Expertise Required: Salesforce System Administrator

There are four (4) areas we have identified as most requiring Risk Management & Analysis

  1. Installing the StoreConnect App
  2. Duplicate Management for Accounts and Contacts
  3. Order Creation
  4. Upgrading the StoreConnect App

As well as our standard terms and conditions, and acceptable use policies the following will be beneficial in understanding prior to installing the StoreConnect App:

General Rules for Safeguarding Your Data and Minimising Downtime

Installing the StoreConnect App

Duplicate Management for Accounts and Contacts

Orders created through StoreConnect will be linked to an Account and Contact. Where the email address used at checkout matches an existing contact in Salesforce, the order will be linked to that Contact and its Account. Other than a few custom fields added by the StoreConnect Package, existing Account and Contact data is never updated by StoreConnect. Customers can however update name and shipping details from their profile page when logged into your store.

See Lead, Contact and Account Deduplication for more details around this.

Order Creation

Orders are created with the Salesforce default Order Status of Draft, which means you must have an Order Status with an API Name of Draft and a Status Category of Draft.

Shopping Carts created by your customers, if abandoned for more than 10 hours are converted into Order records with Order Products. The orders Abandoned field will be set to TRUE and the Checkout Step field will not be set to complete.

Upgrading the StoreConnect App

An upgrade consists of 1) upgrading the Salesforce Package, and 2) upgrading the StoreConnect Website. Our online release notes detail what changes come with each new version.

Please contact our support team for further information.




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