Quick Start Guide to Get Your Store On-line - Prerequisites

Installation of a Salesforce Org

StoreConnect integrates natively into Salesforce. Without a Salesforce Org1, you will not be able to install StoreConnect.

I do not have a Salesforce Org

If you do not have an existing Salesforce Org, you or your Salesforce Partner or Administrator will need to set this up prior to Creating your new store with StoreConnect.

I do have a Salesforce Org

If you do have an existing Salesforce Org keep reading.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, StoreConnect integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce ecosystem.

For those more tech savvy, we’re not talking about an API2 connection that you have to constantly monitor and maintain, constantly on the lookout for integration errors and failures.

StoreConnect uses Salesforce as its database. The single source of truth3 is kept in Salesforce at all times freeing you up from having to worry about your eCommerce store having the correct information. Our connection is built on top of Salesforce industry standards and provides a LIVE, proprietary two-way synchronisation between your website and Salesforce.

There are many advantages to this.

The Salesforce ecosystem is a robust, industry-accepted platform. It is embedded with professionals from across all corners of the globe. From Salesforce Partners, to System Administrators4 and more.

The Salesforce software platform is an integrated platform offering sales management, marketing, service and purchase history software tools - all based in the cloud.

Let’s get started!

Head into the Quick Start guide to start your guided, step-by-step installation of your new StoreConnect store.



  1. Salesforce Org: The virtual space provided to an individual customer of Salesforce. It includes all of your data, records, etc and applications. A Salesforce Org, or “Org” for short is an abbreviation of “organisation”. 

  2. API: Application Programming Interface (API) is a link created between two different software systems allowing them to “talk” to each other and pass information and data from one to the other. 

  3. Single-Source-of-Truth: Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is the practice of bringing data from many systems into one single location. Thereby, any subsequent connecting system/s do not hold or store any separating data. Instead they call on the data from this new reference point being the single source of truth

  4. Administrator: Someone who manages something. For example, a Salesforce Administrator would be the person responsible for managing and configuring a Salesforce Org. 


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