Using the GlobalDrop Tags & Finders

The GlobalDrop makes its tags and collections available on every page within StoreConnect.

Using GlobalDrop Tags

The following tags are set on every page within StoreConnect. These tags either return a drop of the appropriate type, or nothing, so you can use them in liquid if statements in a straight forward manner, for example:

{% if customer %}
  <p>Hi {{ customer.firstname }}!</p>
{% endif %}

The following global tags are available:

Using the GlobalDrop Finders

The following finders are available on all StoreConnect pages. They either return a the product or nothing which means you can use liquid if statements easily, for example:

{% assign product = all_products["my_featured_product"] %}
{% if product %}
<p>Was {{ product.formatted_original_price }}, now {{ product.formatted_sale_price }}</p>
{% endif %}

The following global finders are available:


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