This article is intended for advanced users and our partners as it requires advanced web development or Salesforce admin or programming knowledge. While the functionality is part of StoreConnect, we do not provide end user assistance to implement it beyond our help documentation. If you need help or are unsure on how to do this, you can hire one of our StoreConnect partners.

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Your stores currency is set in the Store record using the Currency field. You must enter the three-character ISO code for the currency you wish to trade in. This currency must be compatible with the payment providers you configure for this store.

You can use a currency different to your Salesforce Currency Local setting for your store but your Price Book Entry and any reference to currency in Salesforce will display in the Salesforce currency, without any conversion.

StoreConnect allows one currency per store but as you can create multiple stores, each store could have a different currency.

See our list of supported currencies here.

Salesforce Multi-Currency Support

To keep your currencies separated in your Salesforce data, you may want to enable Multi-Currency in Salesforce. This would allow each Price Book to hold pricing for mutiple currencies. Make yourself aware of the limitations around being able to disable Multi-Currency in Salesforce before enabling it.

Once Multi-Currency is enabled, you will need to add the extra currencies you wish to trade in via Salesforce Setup. You will then be able to add new price book entries to existing price books by clicking on the “Add to Price Book” button on the products Price Book related list.

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How to configure Multi-Currency to work with StoreConnect

When you enable Salesforce Multi-Currency, Salesforce will add a Currency ISO field to every object.

  1. Set the new Currency ISO field added by Salesforce on the Stores record, for each of your stores
  2. Set the Currency ISO field for each Shipping Rate record
  3. Make sure each product has a Price Book Entry for the currencies of each store it apears in
  4. Make sure each Price Book used for special account or membership pricing also has an entry for each currency for each store they are used in
  5. Remove the StoreConnect Currency field from the page layout for the Stores object. Do not remove the field values as these are still used until step 7 is completed
  6. Remove the Currency ISO field from all other StoreConnect objects (this is optional but prevents confusion for your users)
  7. Once configured, contact StoreConnect Support and ask us to enable Multi-Currency Support. Once we have enabled this for you, your configured pricing will take affect almost immediately.

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