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Your stores currency is set in the Store record using the Currency field. You must enter the three-character ISO code for the currency you wish to trade in. This currency must be compatible with the payment providers you configure for this store.

You can use a currency different to your Salesforce Currency Local setting for your store but your Price Book Entry and any reference to currency in Salesforce will displaying it in the Salesforce currency, without any conversion.

StoreConnect allows one currency per store but as you can create multiple stores, each store could have a different currency.

The default currency symbol for all StoreConnect stores is $ and you will need to contact StoreConnect Support if you wish to use a different symbol.

Salesforce Multi-Currency Support

To keep your currencies separated in your Salesforce data, you may want to enable Multi-Currency in Salesforce. This would allow your Price Books to hold pricing for more than one currency and display your currency fields with the corresponding currency. Make yourself aware of the limitations around being able to disable Multi-Currency in Salesforce before enabling it.

How to configure Multi-Currency to work with StoreConnect

When you enable Salesforce Multi-Currency, Salesforce will add a Currency ISO field to every object. You will need to add the currencies you wish to support via Salesforce Setup before taking the following steps.

  1. Set the new Currency ISO field added by Salesforce for each store
  2. Remove the StoreConnect Currency field from the page layout for the Stores object. This will no longer be used.
  3. Set the Currency ISO field for each Shipping Rate record
  4. Create a new Price Book for each currency per the directions below
  5. Remove the Currency ISO field from all other StoreConnect objects (this is optional but prevents confusion for your users)
  6. Once configured, contact StoreConnect Support and ask us to enable Multi-Currency Support. Once we have enabled this for you, your configured pricing will take affect almost immediately.

How to use Price Books with Multi-Currency

Although you can add price book entries in multiple currencies to the same Price Book in Salesforce, StoreConnect requires you to use separate Price Books for each currency. If you previously configured your store with a default price book but also had another price book for selected accounts, so they can get special pricing, you would then need to create those two price books again but for the other currency. All your price book entries for each currency would then live in the corresponding price books for each currency.


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