Creating a Test Store

When you are editing your store, sometimes you want to test your changes before making them live. For example, you might want to set up a new Menu or test a Content Block before you set it live.

As StoreConnect allows you to have unlimited store fronts, you can easily make a publically accessible test store to test your changes before making them live.

Step 1: Create a new test store

First step is to open the Salesforce App Launcher and go to the StoreConnect Config application. Then select Stores from the drop down menu.

Then click “New”.

Give it a name of My Test Store and set the path to be my-test-store.

Note: This will create a store on your default store domain under /my-test-store. If you want to make the path harder to guess, you could change /my-test-store to /some1231203irandom23140812038path or anything you like.

Step 2: Find your Site Base URL

Your StoreConnect Site Base URL is where your site lives when you first install StoreConnect. Quite often you will setup a custom domain name for your store, but for your test store you don’t need to give it a specific domain name.

This will look something like for production installs or for sandbox installs.

If you don’t know (or remember) what your StoreConnect Site Base URL is, you can find it via your StoreConnect Setup page. Just go to StoreConnect Config app from the Salesforce App Launcher, then select StoreConnect Setup from the drop down menu, it will show you the Site Base URL.

Step 3: Visit your Store

To visit your store, get your Site Base URL and add the path from above, so for example, you would visit:

And this will show you the test site.


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