The Buy Button

Available on Website v10.6.1 and above. Check your version

The Buy Button is a customisable URL which can be used on any page offering direct-to-cart, or direct-to-checkout product purchases.

For example, you now can write an article and add the Buy Button URLs within the text to add any product to your cart, or send them directly to the checkout.

Or, you could add a donation link into an email, which adds the givers’ details and donation amount directly into the checkout (provided those details were known, of course).

URL syntax:
[store domain]{/path}/cart/[product string]?[other-parameters]


See It In Action


In the below example we are sending a customer directly to the checkout to purchase a product.
Where, RSK-MC-22 is the product code and
1is the quantity to purchase


You can add-to-cart using the parameter type=add

Variable Pricing

With Variable Pricing enabled in the product’s Price Book you can customise the sell price of the product.
Where, 35000 is the sell price of $350.00 and 4500 would be the sell price of $45.00

Pre-Filled Details

To streamline the transaction even further, you can pre-fill any details you may already know of the customer.
Where, name=Bob%20Smith is the fullname with a space %20 in between the two words.;

Using the customised Buy Button URL it is easy to now add the link to any custom image.

How It Works

Product String

[sfid or slug or productcode]:[quantity]{:[custom price]}

eg: sneakers:1,donation-open-ended:1:4900

Other Parameters

type: indicates the type of action to perform, either just add to cart, or start the checkout.


return: callback url to return the user to after the action type has been completed, i.e. after adding to cart, or after checkout.


Name and address fields
These are all optional and get saved into the session and used in the checkout if supplied:




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