Product Traits

Traits allow your customers to find products using filters by choosing from a selection of Trait Values. For example, in an online bookstore, you can filter books by genre, author, publisher, etc.

Traits can also give the customer a list of products specifiations by listing them on the products page.

Traits can be divided into three parts

1. Trait Categories

Trait Categories are used to group Trait Types. Every Trait Type must belong to a Category.

2. Trait Types

These are Trait Values grouped under one heading. You can have a Trait Type called Colour that would contain the Trait Values Red and Blue.

3. Trait Values

These are the options you can use to filter through products in your online store. Such options could include Size filters like Small, Medium or Colour filters like Red and Blue and so on.

How to Configure Traits

Trait Categories

First, you need to set up a Trait Category. This category will contain all the Trait Types applicable to a specific range of products or possibly all products.

Trait Types

Trait Types can be configured to display Trait Values in different ways. To set up Trait Types you need to:

Trait Type Options

  1. Text - Up to 255 characters
  2. Number - Whole numbers
  3. Decimal - Numbers with up to 6 decimal places
  4. Currency
  5. Percent
  6. Check-box - This option allows you to specify if something is included in or with the product
  7. Date
  8. Email
  9. URL
  10. Long Text Area - Can contain Text, HTML and Markdown

Trait Types being used in a filter
Below, Size and Flavour are both Trait Types. The Price section is diplayed by default in all stores and is not a Trait Type.


Trait Values

How to add Traits to your Products


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