Setting up Shipping & Shipping Configuration

StoreConnect supports shipping out of the box, allowing you to offer multiple shipping choices to your customers. Shipping can be turned on by checking the Enable Shipping checkbox on the Store record.

When you install the StoreConnect package in your Salesforce org, a product is added to your Products object called StoreConnect Shipping. This is used to add a shipping line item to each order and should never be edited or deleted. If shipping is a taxable service, you will need to relate it to the taxes that apply.

Shipping can be offered and charged in three ways:

Click and Collect allows customers to come to a physical location to collect their order with no shipping charge.
Shipping Rates are based on the total cart value or total cart weight.
Shipping Providers where rates are calculated via a supported shipping provider API such as Australia Post or StarTrack.

Each shipping option configured need to be assigned to a Shipping Method. Click and Collect already has a Shipping Method of Pick up in store. When you create a Shipping Rate or Shipping Provider record, you need to assign it to a Shipping Method via the Method picklist or the Provider picklist, depending on what object you are working in. For instructions on adding more picklist values, see Manage Your Picklist Values on the Salesforce Basics for StoreConnect Users page.

Product Shipping Methods

All physical products need to be assigned at least one shipping method for shipping to work. This is done through the Shipping Method multi-select picklist on the product record.

StoreConnect requires each product in a cart to have at least one common shipping method in order to be able to offer the customer shipping. If you offer a shipping method to some products but not all, consider having one shipping method act as a generic shipping method to be assigned to all products to be available if the cart contains products that have conflicting shipping methods. If there are conflicts your customer may not be given any shipping methods and won’t be able to complete their checkout.

You may select as many or as few shipping methods as you like for each product. The API values of the Shipping Method picklist in the Products object must be the same as those used for Click and Collect, Shipping Rates and Shipping Providers.

Allow Customers to provide Delivery Instructions

Shipping notes can be enabled on each store to allows notes or delivery instructions to be added to the order by the customer when selecting their shipping option. These notes are saved on the order within the Shipping Notes field.

See how to enable Shipping Notes


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