Click and Collect

StoreConnect supports a click and collect shipping option out of the box, to set this up do the following steps.

Enable Shipping in the Store

Before you can let your customers choose click and collect, you will need to enable shipping on the store object within Salesforce. Just make sure the “Enable Shipping” checkbox is enabled within your store object.

Create a Stock Location for Click and Collect

You can define multiple locations that you enable click and collect, each of these is a Stock Location object within StoreConnect.

Create a new stock location (or use an existing one) and ensure that the “Click and collect allowed?” checkbox is enabled.

Additionally, you can set the “Days to Restock” number to indicate how long it will take to get a product there if the one the client wants is out of stock at that location. This is optional.

If you are setting this stock location up for the first time, it is also a good idea to enable the “Propagate to all Variants” checkbox so that a Stock Level is created automatically for every product.

Add available stock

For the product you want to click and collect, you need to add available stock. To do this add a number to the product’s “available to sell” stock level for the stock location you created.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to track stock levels, and always allow the purchase, you can do this two ways:

Enable Click and Collect on your products

The final step is to add the “pick up in store” shipping option to the products you want to allow click and collect on.

If you are doing this to hundreds of products, it might be smarter to do this via data loader or use your StoreConnect support contract to update this for you. If you are doing this in the user interface for one product, just edit the product and add “Pick up in store” to the available shipping methods. If updating via the API add pick_up to the list of shipping methods with multiple methods separated by a semi-colon.

Test it

You should now be able to see the shipping option during the checkout process and be able to select the stock location you setup in the first step as the location to click and collect from.


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