StoreConnect Billing

Per the StoreConnect Terms and Conditions, StoreConnect is billed in two parts, a Subscription Fee and a Shared Success fee.

How your Subscription Fee is Billed

Subscription Fees are billed according to the plan you select, either monthly in advance or annually in advance. These can be billed to your credit card directly either monthly or annually, or for Medium and Large plans, via invoice annually in advance. These are billed in USD and optionally can be converted to your exchange rate via the daily rate at

How your Shared Success Fee is Billed

Shared Success is billed as a percentage of your total order value each month in arrears as defined in the StoreConnect Terms and Conditions.

If your store is not using USD as it’s currency, this Order value is converted automatically into USD with a rate taken from at the time of the sale (updated hourly) and it is saved in our system as USD.

So if you are selling in Australia (Australian Dollars), England (English Pounds) and France (Euro) as well as the USA (US Dollars), each Order total vlaue will be sent to StoreConnect as it’s own currency, and then converted to USD as it is received.

This automatic conversion enables you to have stores in any currency we support.

Note: We only capture the order number, value, time, store, city and country the order came from. We do not capture other information such as shopper personally identifiable information or what makes up the order total (such as taxes or shipping information), only the total.

On the 3rd of each month, the total value of the previous month’s orders is calculated as a total in USD and then billed via your Credit Card or against a prepaid Shared Success credit if your company is on a Medium or Large plan and is not using a credit card for billing. If you are being billed in a currency other than USD, then this reverse conversion takes place with the exchange rate as at the 3rd of the month.

If you have any billing questions, please send them to


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