This feature requires StoreConnect version 13.3 or above. Here is how to check your version

Salesforce Payments

You can use the StoreConnect Payment Providers you have already setup, to accept payments from customers over the phone.

Set up

Payment Provider

Set up a Payment Provider by following the Payment Providers documentation. Note that you will only be able to use payment providers that accept credit card details. For example, you won’t be able to use PayPal because it requires you to login as the customer. Likewise, any pay later services are not supported for the same reason.

Taking a Payment

Once you have a payment provider set up, you can use the “Take Payment” button in the Payment sidebar on the StoreConnect Order Layout.

Clicking the “Take Payment” button will open a popup that asks for payment details.

The Take Payment button on the Order sidebar

If you have multiple providers configured, you can choose which one to use.

A list of multiple payment providers

Then you can enter the credit card details and process the payment.

The Payment form

When the payment has successfully been processed you will see the Transaction Paid screen with the payment details. From there you can choose to view the Payment record.

The Transaction Paid screen showing the payment details

Validating an Order

You can take payment on any Order that is configured correctly. If the order was created from your web store, the Order should already be configured correctly. If you created the Order directly in Salesforce (or added/edited Order Items) you will need to ensure:

If the Order is not valid, you will see an error message detailing why.

An example error message that indicates the order has already been paid


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