Product Downloads

Downloadable content can be added for any product and will be displayed under the Downloads tab by default. Downloadable content could be things like Instruction Manuals, Accompanying Software, Data Sheets etc.

Each download link is stored in its own Content Block. The Content block can then be related to every product it applies to.

This is the recommended sequence for adding downloadable content:

  1. Upload the document
  2. Create a Content Block and add the document to it
  3. Relate the Content Block to the product or products you want the download to be available for

Uploading Documents

For instructions on uploading your documents, see Uploading Media. Keep in mind that the name of the media record will be used when diplaying the link to the document.

Create a Content Block

Relate the Content Block to the Product

Tip: When using Position, increment by 10. That way, if you decide to slip a document in-between two others later on, you will have room to do so without having to re-number all following records.

Bulk Uploading Downloadable Content

For instructions on bulk uploading your documents, see Uploading Media.

To bulk create the Content Blocks, create a record for each one in the Content_Block__c object.

Field Mapping:

Tip: Come up with a standard naming convention for all of your content blocks so they are easy to find when needed. Content Blocks are not only used with products and can be used in other parts of StoreConnect, like web pages and articles so make sure your naming convention allows for that. e.g. Document - {short description} or Homepage - Top Banner. You can then create your own List Views with filters to group your content blocks.

To link your content blocks to your products, use the Content_Blocks_Products__c object.

Field Mapping:

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