This feature requires StoreConnect version 10.0 or above. Here is how to check your version

Navigation Product Categories

StoreConnect allows you to customize your store header in 3 ways.

  1. Using the default menu which allows you to only adjust which product categories are shown in what order to the left of the Account menu option. This article shows you how to do this.

  2. Using the menu builder to customise the navigation completely while using the standard search and account login links. How to do this is detailed in our Menu Builder help article.

  3. Completely replacing the Header Menu HTML in it’s entirety and optionally use the Menu Builder to control the navigation menu from within your Salesforce environment. How to do this is detailed in our Custom Header help article.

How to Change the Navigation Product Categories

In this sample store, there are 8 product categories displayed to the left of the “Account” menu item.

Example Naviagtion Categories on Website

These are in order:

  1. Homewares
  2. Our Events
  3. Clothing
  4. Mens
  5. Beauty
  6. Womens
  7. Hats
  8. Bottoms

To see these Product Categories, go to the StoreConnect Config app in the Salesforce App Launcher and select “Product Categories”. Then to make it easy to see, create a new list, call it “Your Store Name Navigation Categories” and select the following fields to display:

  1. Product Category Name
  2. Taxonomy
  3. Hide Category
  4. Position
  5. Number of Parent Categories

Then edit the list filters and make sure the first filter shows All Product Categories then add:

  1. Taxonomy equals “Your store Taxonomy Name”
  2. Hide Category equals FALSE
  3. Number of Parent Categories equals (do not enter anything into the value box)
  4. Number of Parent Categories equals 0

Then click Add Filter Logic and within the logic, replace “1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4” with “1 AND 2 AND (3 OR 4)”

Then click on Save.

Your filter should look like this:

Example Naviagtion Categories

If you click the “Position” header menu twice you will get the list sorted by position from low to high with the numbers at the top. In the example above, you can see that by doing this, Events is listed first and then Homewares is second, but our website is showing Homewares first and Events second. This is an important point, that if you want to ensure the order of your product categories to set the position, so lets do that. We can just double click the field we want to change (position) and go ahead and edit these, while we are doing this, we’ll also hide the “Bottoms” category as we don’t want it on the top menu any more, after editing our list it looks like this:

Edited Naviagtion Categories

Now we will go ahead and click the Save button at the bottom of the list filter.

Then going back to our store (after a few seconds to allow it to update) we can refresh our store and see the changes have been made to our requirements:

Updated Navigation Categories

Adding Child Product Category Menu Display

This basic menu also includes the Child Product Categories that display automatically under their parent. These are the Child Product Categories of the main menu. To show or hide these or change their order, you can do the same as you did for the parent menus, just checking or unchecking the Hide checkbox and changing the position to be what you need.

Removing the Account Option

To remove the Account Option, you can replace the menu with your own custom menu using the Menu Builder or, for more advanced requirements, build your own Custom Header.


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