How to Enable the Standard Price Book

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StoreConnect uses Salesforce Price Books1 and you need to have at least the “Standard” Price Book enabled when you setup your first store.

The Standard Price Book is “the master list of all your products and their default standard prices” that your Salesforce Org2 sells.

When you first create your Salesforce Org, the Standard Price Book is created by default. However, you do need to enable it.



Change your Price Book Page Layout.

Video guide

This video will guide you through enabling the Standard Price Book



  1. Price book: A “price book” is best explained as a catalogue price. A business selling widgets may have different catalogues depending on the client-base. For instance, you could have three catalogues: 1) a wholesale, 2) retail and 3) online. Each of these catalogues, or Price Books, may have different prices for the same product depending on the client-base. Price books are inherent within Salesforce. See Product Pricing for more information. 

  2. Salesforce Org: The virtual space provided to an individual customer of Salesforce. It includes all of your data, records, etc and applications. A Salesforce Org, or “Org” for short is an abbreviation of “organisation”. 


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