Discounts are applied to products based on the scope you specify and without requiring any customer input. When a discount is applied to a product, the product will be listed with the discounted price next to the original price which will be crossed out to show that the product is discounted. A discount can either be applied on top of other discounts offered, or instead of other discounts, meaning only one discount can apply per product. Discounts and Promotions work independently so a Promo Code can be applied on top of already discounted products. Discounts don’t apply to Product Bundles so will be ignored by the products inside the bundle.


From the Discounts object, configure the discount including the amount and scope.

Field Name Description Notes
Discount Name The name of the discount For internal identification
Calculation Type Is the discount a percentage, discounted amount or a discounted price 10% off, $10 off or discounted to $50
Behaviour when Applied Does this discount add to other discounts or replace them See Discount Behaviour for more on this
Percentage Discount If a percentage calculation, the percentage of discount to apply  
Discount Amount If a discounted amount calculation, the amount of discount to apply  
Discounted Price If a dicounted price calculation, the discounted price for the scoped products  
Active Turns the discount on or off in conjunction with Starting Date and Ending Date  
Starts At The date and time the discount begins Active must be TRUE for the discount to start
Expires At The date and time the discount ends Leave blank to continue discount endlessly

Discount Scope

The fields under Scope can be used to narrow down on what products are discounted and to whom. The more lookup fields you use, the narrower the scope can be. Stacking multiple discounts can then also open up the scope to include all the products and customers you want to offer discounts to.

As an example, populating the Brand, Product Category and Membership fields will apply the discount only to products of that brand that belong to that category and will only be available to customers who are logged in and have that membership assigned to their account.

Scope Description
All scope fields empty Include all active products and all customers across all stores
Store Include all products in this store
Price Book Include all products in this price book
Brand Include all products from this brand
Product Category Include all products from this specific category and all its subcategories
Product Include only this specific product and any variants
Membership Include contacts from all accounts under this specific membership
Account Include only contacts from this specific account

Discount Behaviour

Replace existing price This simply sets the discounted price for the product and will override any other behaviours. If a product is within the scope of multiple discounts that are set to replace existing price, the most recently created discount will be applied.

Replace other discounts
Discounts set to replace others will override any stacked discounts for the same products. If a product is within the scope of multiple discounts that are set to replace others, the most recently created discount will be applied.

Stacked with other discounts
When several discounts are set to stack, they will add to each other to give a greater discount to the products with overlapping scopes. Percentage discounts are calculated off the list price so if a product with a list price of $100 is within the scope of a 5% discount and a 10% discount will sell for $85 (15% off).

Sale Price
Each Price Book Entry also has the option to set a sale price. The Sale Price field allows a discount to be applied to the product without using this discount feature. If the Sale Price is lower that the discounts available through this Discounts feature, the Sale Price will be used instead.

Discount Credit

Discount Credit records are automatically created when an order has discounts applied. These are a snapshot of each application of your discount and allow you to see what discounts were applied to products for each order.

Each record includes:


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