Adding Products to Categories

A product must live in one or more categories to be visible in your store. The only exception to this is for Variant Products as they gain their visibility through their Master Product. When a product is added to a category, it will automatically be visible in all parent categories above it, including the master category.

It is recommended that you first create your product categories and their hierarchy. For instructions on this, see Product Categories.

Products can be added to categories from the Product record or the Product Category record.

From the Product Category record:

From the Product record:

More On Position: The records with a position are shown in order first. Records without a position will then be shown in alphabetical order based on the record name.

Adding a product to a Product Category

Bulk Uploading Products to Categories

Product and Product Categories are related via a record in the Product_Product_Category__c object.

Field Mapping:

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