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What are liquid themes?

Liquid is a templating language that can be used to create page layouts and render custom content. Using liquid you can access StoreConnect’s data objects, such as products, pages, articles etc for use on your site.

We have supported the use of liquid in some object fields in Salesforce. That has allowed our users to create rich content with access to their data objects, but only in these limited places. Previously, page layouts and content block layouts weren’t able to be customised with liquid. Now they can be!

Liquid themes are a framework of liquid templates that will eventually allow almost complete customisation of a StoreConnect site. We are starting with the ability to supply liquid templates for all content block types, and a couple of page types.

We have supplied you with the default liquid code for supported templates that can be customised:

What can you do with liquid themes?

Create alternate themes

By default each Store runs off the built-in theme that ships with StoreConnect. You can create any number of themes that can alter the look and feel of your site, and even change what content shows. You can preview the them on your live Store as you work on it - no-one else will be able to see it. Then when you are happy with the new theme, you can set it as the theme for your Store (or any number of Stores).

The StoreConnect CMS app contains a new object: Theme. Create a new Theme record to get started.

Create a new Theme

You can then preview your theme on your site by using the “Click to Preview on Site” link on the Theme detail view:

Click to preview

If you preview your theme at this stage, you won’t notice any difference from the built-in theme for two reasons:

  1. Your new theme is empty

  2. If a theme does not supply a required item, it uses the equivalent one from the built-in theme.

Theme Components

Review the following pages to find out about the components of a theme.

Download 0.11.3 theme

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