This feature requires StoreConnect version 11.0 or above. Here is how to check your version

StoreConnect Administrator Certification

We have several levels of certification within StoreConnect, this help document contains the checklist for the first two levels, the StoreConnect Fundamentals and the StoreConnect Administrator.

The StoreConnect Administrator certification is a pre-requisite for our StoreConnect Expert and StoreConnect Specialist certificates which are in turn pre-requisites for our StoreConnect Architect certification.

The goal of this training is “A Salesforce Administrator who can confidently install, configure and launch StoreConnect sites and has a working knowledge of all the primary features StoreConnect provides.”

In order to become a Certified StoreConnect Administrator, the applicant must produce a live trial or production StoreConnect site to that contains all of the following attributes correctly configured and operational. The certifier will then review the site and confirm all elements have been configured correctly as well as sign into the org to review the Salesforce side has been correctly set up.

TIP: Getting certified is the fastest way to become competent with StoreConnect and demonstrate your skill to your team members and potential clients.

Please Note: The StoreConnect certification steps below are updated on occasions. This is to ensure that new features are covered with the most recent documentation.

A step by step hands on training program will be made available in the future walking through each step of this certification to assist in training, but in the mean time, this list has been published to allow anyone to apply for and achieve certification in advance of the formal training program.


It is ideal that you be a certified Salesforce Administrator or very familiar with Salesforce and able to perform the required tasks within Salesforce. You should at an absolute minimum be familiar with all the Salesforce Basics for StoreConnect Users.

Certification Requirements

StoreConnect Fundamentals Certificate Requirements

Level 1

Complete all prior steps above before starting Level 1.

Level 2 - StoreConnect Administrator Certificate Requirements

Complete all steps in Level 1 - StoreConnect Fundamentals before starting Level 2.

Certification Process

After completing all the steps in level 1 or level 2, you may email and request a review of your site. You will need to grant support login access and include your org ID and domain name of your store in the email.

Our team will then review your store and if all components are present will grant you either a StoreConnect Fundamentals or a StoreConnect Administrator certificate as appropriate.

If any items are found missing, our team will email you and give you the opportunity to correct the issues before checking again.


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