Setting up a Campaign Mailing List

Many online stores ask the customer to opt in to receive promotional or other types of emails in the future such as in the following screen shot:

Sign up to Mailing List Prompt

StoreConnect allows you to offer your customers to sign up to one or more separate mailing lists by leveraging the standard Salesforce Campaign object.

To set this up is straight forward and as usual can be completed within your StoreConnect Salesforce Org.

Setting up the Campaigns

First thing to do is to create a Campaign object to hold the contacts of the members that have decided to opt in and receive emails in the future.

Simply create a new campaign by clicking on the App Launcher 9 dot menu in the top left-hand corner, typing Campaigns, selecting Campaigns from the drop-down menu, clicking the “New” button in the top right and entering a name for the Campaign. Let’s give it the name “Marketing Campaign” for now.

Creating a New Campaign

Showing your Campaign in your Store

Once done, click on the App Launcher again and type “StoreConnect Config” and select the StoreConnect Config app. Make sure your drop down menu is on Stores and select your store. Then click the related tab and click “New” to the right of Store Campaigns.

Linking the Campaign to a Store

On the new Store Campaign screen, give it a name (this is for your reference), then make sure your store is selected and search for the Marketing Campaign you just made.

Type what text you want to prompt the user with, or leave the default “Sign up to receive marketing from us?”.

Then you can choose to preselect this checkbox (warning, this can be against regulations in some countries) and also provide some additional information, such as telling the customer how often to expect an email and perhaps a link to your privacy policy. You can use markdown and our liquid tools within this information box if you need.

Once done, click Save and in a few minutes your store will prompt each new user to sign up to your campaign on checkout!

Additionally, your users can adjust their subscription settings at any time by logging into your store, going to their account page and selecting the campaigns you want to offer them.

Multi Store Setup

Each store can have its own set of campaigns you want to sign your users up to providing you with complete control across your multi store setup.

Note on Unsubscribed Members

If a customer unsubscribes from a campaign, their Campaign Membership is marked as deleted by setting the Salesforce CampaignMember isdeleted field to TRUE. Please bear this in mind if you are doing exports of your Campaign Members to filter these out as they have requested not to receive emails on that specific campaign.


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