This feature requires StoreConnect version 13.3 or above. Here is how to check your version

Calculate Taxes from Salesforce

You can recalculate taxes on StoreConnect Orders, or calculate taxes on new Orders, all from within Salesforce, using the Tax records you already have configured.

Note: Recalculating tax requires Tax records to be already configured. See Configuring Tax for details.

How to enable

Recalculation of Taxes is disabled by default. To enable it for your Org, go to: Setup > Custom Metadata Types and set Manual Tax Recalculation Enabled to “true”.

Calculating Tax on New Orders

To calculate tax on a new order, ensure it has a Shipping Address and Order Products, and click Calculate Tax in the StoreConnect Actions sidebar tab.

The Calculate Tax button

Clicking Calculate Tax will open the Tax Calculator window with a preview of what taxes will be applied.

The Tax Calculator window

You can expanded the product items list to dig deeper and see what taxes will be applied at the line item level.

The Tax Calculator with product items expanded

When you’re ready to proceed, click Yes, and the taxes will be applied to the Order.

The Order record showing the applied taxes

Recalculating Taxes on Existing Orders

If taxes have already been applied to an Order, you can recalculate them if you need to, for instance, if the quantity has changed, or items have been added or removed, or if the price has been modified.

The process for recalculating taxes is much the same, however this time the button will read “Recalcuate Tax”.

The Recalculate Tax button

And this time the Tax Calculator window will show you the existing applied taxes as well so you can compare and see the changes.

The Tax Calculator window showing both New and Previous taxes

Exclusive vs Inclusive Tax

There’s a few things to note when comparing tax recalculation with regard to exclusive vs inclusive tax.


If you’re changing the unit price on an Order Item, when the tax is exclusive, you should set the value to the exclusive price and then recalculate the tax. During recalculation the unit price will be updated to include the tax amount.

However if you do not plan to recalculate tax, you should set the unit price to the tax inclusive amount and update the tax amount with the new tax amount.


You should always set the unit price to the inclusive price. You can also update the tax amount if you wish and avoid recalculation, or leave it as-is and recalculate to let the system update it for you.


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