Promotions are discounts that are applied to an order when a customer inputs the Promo Code at the checkout. Only one Promo Code can be applied to each order. The promotions discount amount is included in the order as a separate line item, totalling all of the price reductions applied by the Promo Code. A product has been added by the StoreConnect package called StoreConnect Promotion that is used for this line item and must not be edited or deleted.


From the Promotions object, configure the Promotion record then configure its Scope and Actions via the related lists.

Field Name Description Notes
Promotion Name The name of the promotion This name appears in the checkout when the promotion is applied to one or more products in the cart
Store The online store this promotion apples to  
Promotion Code The Promo Code to be entered at checkout Promo Codes are case sensitive and must be unique
Campaign The promotion can be assigned to a campaign  
Description For internal notes  
Starts At The date and time the promotion begins  
Expires At The date and time the promotion ends Leave blank to continue promotion endlessly
Usage Limit Maximum number of times this promo code can be used Leave blank for no limit

Promotion Actions

A promotion can have multiple promotion actions which dictate how the promotion works. If your Promotion has several Promotion Actions, each will add to the total discount applied.

Action Description
Apply discount to each scoped item Discount is applied to each product in the checkout that is in the promotions scope
Apply discount to entire order if it includes a scoped item Discount is applied to the order total if it contains one or more products from the promotions scope
Buy one get another scoped item at discount If the order has two or more of the same product and it exists in the promotions scope, discount is applied to each second occurrence of that product
Free Shipping Reduces the full amount of the shipping cost to zero
Discounted Shipping Reduce the shipping cost by the amount specified

Field Name Description
Action Select one of the available actions from the table above
Qualifying Quantity Set the quantity of scoped items needed before the order qualifies for the promotion
Calculation Type Is the discount a percentage or discounted amount
Discount Percentage If a percentage calculation, the percentage of discount to apply
Discount Amount If a discounted amount calculation, the amount of discount to apply

Promotion Scopes

A promotion can have one or more promotion scopes to define what products and what customers qualify for the promotion. For each scope record you can specify multiple record lookups where each lookup will narrow the scope down to a scenarios where all conditions must be met. By adding multiple scopes records to your promotion, you can then open up the scope to include other products or customers scenarios as well.

There is a validation rule on the Promotion Scope object named ‘Only_One_Selected’ that you will need to disable to allow using multiple lookups on the one scope.

Scope Description
All scope fields empty Include all active products and all customers
Brand Include all products with a Brand Lookup to this brand
Category Include all products from this specific category and all its subcategories
Product Include only this specific product and any of its variants
Membership Include contacts from all accounts under this specific membership
Account Include only contacts from this specific account
Contact Include only this specific contact

Promotion Credit

Promotion Credit records are automatically created when an order has a promotion applied. These are a snapshot of each application of your promotions and allow you to see what Promotion Actions were applied for each order and to be able to report on their use.

Each record includes:


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