Product_Category__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Child_Count__c Number(18, 0) No No  
Display_Name__c Text No No Used in auto generated navigation bars and breadcrumbs instead of Name if present
Google_Product_Category__c Text No No  
Hide__c Checkbox(false) No No  
Import_ID__c Text No No  
Information_Markdown__c LongTextArea No No The contents to display after all the products on a category page.
Introduction_Markdown__c LongTextArea No No The contents to display before all the products on a category page.
Media_Id__c Lookup(Media__c) No No The image to use for the category when featured, eg. displayed in a featured category content block.
Meta_Description__c LongTextArea No No  
Meta_Keywords__c Text No No  
Meta_Title__c Text No No  
Parent_Count__c Number(18, 0) No No  
Path__c Text No No Specifies the relative path where the category will be accessible in the store
Position__c Number(10, 0) No No The position of this product category object. Lower numbers are shown first, objects without a number are sorted alphabetically by name
Product_Id__c Lookup(Product2) No No  
Slug__c Text No Yes [Deprecated] Please use Path instead
Social_Image_Id__c Lookup(Media__c) No No The Image to show when the Category is shared on Social Media. If not provided, will use the Category’s first image.
Subtitle__c Text No No  
Taxonomy_Id__c Lookup(Taxonomy__c) Yes No  
Title__c Text No No  
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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