Page__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Body_Markdown__c LongTextArea No No  
Hide__c Checkbox(false) No No This setting controls if the page is included within automatically generated lists of pages, such as in the navigation bar or footer.
Meta_Description__c LongTextArea No No  
Meta_Keywords__c Text No No  
Meta_Title__c Text No No  
Parent_Id__c Lookup(Page__c) No No  
Path__c Text Yes No  
Position__c Number(18, 0) No No The position of this page in relation to its parent page if any
Preview_On_Site__c Formula No No  
Require_Login__c Checkbox(false) No No  
Slug__c Text No Yes A globally unique identifier for this page.
Social_Image_Id__c Lookup(Media__c) No No The Image to show when the Page is shared on Social Media. If not provided, will use the Page’s first image.
Store_Id__c Lookup(Store__c) Yes No  
Subtitle__c Text No No  
Title__c Text No No  
Unique_Store_Path__c Text No Yes Ensure a store can only have one page with the same path
Visible__c Checkbox(true) No No Visible__c defines if the page is published at all on the site. If false, it will not be viewable even if you try and view it via the direct URL. The only way to view it on the site if this is false is by using the preview on site link.
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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