Account_Points_Ledger__c Object Reference

Field Definitions

Field Name Type Required Unique Description
Account_Id__c MasterDetail(Account) No No The Account this record belongs to.
Activated__c Checkbox(true) No No For credit entry types, records must be activated in order to be counted in the total balance.
Contact_Id__c Lookup(Contact) No No The Contact this record belongs to.
Default_Rate_Used__c Number(18, 4) No No Stores the points conversion rate used (if any) to calculate the points for this entry.
Entry_Type__c Picklist No No The type of ledger entry this is: credit or debit.
Expires_At__c DateTime No No The datetime at which these points expire.
Order_Item_Id__c Lookup(OrderItem) No No The Order Item this record belongs to.
Payment_Id__c Lookup(Payment__c) No No The Payment this record belongs to.
Points_Value__c Number(18, 0) No No The number of points for this ledger entry.
Reason_Code__c Picklist No No Short code representing the reason for this ledger entry.
Store_Id__c Lookup(Store__c) No No The Store this record belongs to.
Transaction_Currency_Value__c Currency(18, 2) No No The equivalent currency value at the time this record was created.
Transaction_Currency__c Text No No The currency type at the time this record was created.
Usage__c Picklist No No For Credit entries, indicates whether the points can be used on other Stores.
sC_Id__c Text No Yes StoreConnect External ID, do not modify in Salesforce

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